Our Artistic Direction

Musica oltre i confini

The Artistic Direction of the Machiavelli Orchestra is driven by Stefano Soardo e Rebecca Saggin.


Stefano Soardo, who was born in Verona in 1987, has a Bachelor’s degree in Literature at the University of Verona and and a double degree both in Viola and Violin at the E.F. Dall’Abaco Conservatory, in Verona as well. Besides being a music teacher at the primary, middle and high schools as well as being one of the Artistic Directors and the mentor of the Machiavelli Orchestra since 2015, its foundation year.

Stefano Soardo is the composer of many music pieces played by our Orchestra, one for all the the “Concerto per beatbox, Lukasz e archi”, and he’s the founder of many artistic and educational projects like “Venezia-New Orleans aller-retour”, a mash-up of jazz and baroque music.

Direzione artistica orchestra machiavelli Rebecca Saggin

Rebecca Saggin, has been studying oboe with Diego Dini Ciacci and Paolo Grazzi since she was eleven years old
at the E.F. Dall’Abaco Conservatory in Verona.

In 2010 she graduated at E. Verdi Conservatory, in Milan.

She is currently studying Oboe’s two-year with Alessandro Baccini.

Rebecca has performed in several chamber and symphonic orchestras, like the Orchestra Filarmonica Veneta, the Orchestra Filarmonica in Mantova, Teatro Verdi’s Orchestra in Boscoldo and the Harmonie wind’s Orchestra.
She is also part of the QWindet and the Work in progess quintet, with whom, in addiction to performing in concerts, she has organized educational programs for young adults.

Rebecca Saggin is one of the Artistic Directors of Machiavelli Orchestra.
She has also performed as the first chair and the solo oboist of the Machiavelli Orchestra in several famous theatres like Teatro Filarmonico and Teatro Ristori in Verona and Teatro Zandonai in Rovereto, together with internationally famous musicians such as Andrea Battistoni, Richard Stoltzman, Mika Yoshida Stoltzman, Jesse Davis, Sergio Baietta and Whitfield Craine.

In addition, she is a board’s member of the Youth Orchestra in Verona a social promotion association that deals with musical activities aimed at children and young people.


Sergio Luis Baro Fonseca, is the Production Manager of the Machiavelli Orchestra.
He is also the Principal Violis of our Orchestra.

Born in 1989 in Cadiz, Spain, he graduated in Violin and Viola at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Aragon.
During his student years, Sergio studied with many music Masters, like: José Manuel Román, Jonathan Brown, Joaquín Riquelme, Tabea Zimmermann, Simonide Braconi, Marc Tooten, Emmanuele Rossi and Andrea Albertani.

He performed in many different European Orchestras, like the Orchestra Sinfonica de Galicia in Spain, the NJO Nationale Jeugdorkesten Nederland in Netherlands and the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra in Milan, Italy.