Our goals

Musica oltre i confini

We want to enhance our culture and our society

The Machiavelli Orchestra has well defined goals: the first one is to recognize the professional value of its musicians and the second one is to give value to artistic and musical culture and lastly it wants to create value for the music market itself.

For the musicians

By entering into the Machiavelli Orchestra, musicians obtain professional credit and start a growing journey. They develop as performers to gain technical competences and they grow personally within an open and engaging enviroment, well beyond the single concert.

For the Orchestra

The Machiavelli Orchestra is an artistic project which aims to acknowledge the music and the artistic value through the spread of classical music among the widest public, in particular with young people.

For these reasons, the Artistic Direction creates a dialogue between classical and modern music to show that there are no limits within the music scene when there is such and high quality.

For the music market

The Machiavelli Orchestra has an enterpreneurial goal, which is to create value for the society and to reach an internal economic stability. Thorough the combination of resources and good communicative and mangerial skills, the Machiavelli Orchestra is a leading example of cultural enterpreneurship.

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