Our history

Musica oltre i confini

The Machiavelli Orchestra is young and dynamic

The Machiavelli Orchestra is young, composed by professional musicians under 35 capable of reaching high performance levels. The Artistic Direction is young and able to enlight classical music but also to influence it with other genres. Original avanguard productions develop from this contamination to create and interpret a kind of music beyond edges.

The Machiavelli Orchestra works with young emergent musicians but also with important figures form the national and international music scene, like Jesse Davis, Richard and Mika Stoltzman, Morgan, Davide De Ascaniis, Master Min Chung, Eva Dworschak, Withfield Crane and many others.

The aim of this Orchestra is to reach the widest public, because classical music can be for everyone, even if you’ve never entered a concert hall.

orchestra machiavelli richard stoltzman teatro filarmonico verona
Orchestra Machiavelli teatro filarmonico verona

Our story

The Machiavelli Orchestra starts in Verona, Italy, in 2015. It was founded by Fucina Culturale Machiavelli – an indipendent theatre in Verona’s city centre – which started its own music season.

Stefano Soardo and Rebecca Saggin are the Artistic Direction, which aims to contaminate different artistic languages and to destroy edges between different musical genres. The Machiavelli Orchestra’s repertoire has big classical names but also author from contemporary jazz, folk, rock and pop music scenes.

The Machiavelli Orchestra performed for the first time a lot of original compositions and it also asked young musicians to write new pieces for it.


The Machiavelli Orchestra trasnforms its concerts in real life events with light design, collaborations with actors and memes, audience’s engagement, video performances: you’ll be always surprised.

Even if the Machiavelli Orchestra is very young, it collaborated with important artists like: Mimmo De Tullio, the rocker Withfield Crane, Andrea Battistoni, Jesse Davis and Master Min Chung.

The Orchestra performed on reknown stages such as Sala Maffeiana, Teatro Ristori and Teatro Romano in Verona and in Teatro Zandonai in Rovereto.


In October 2017 the Machiavelli Orchestra performed with the clarinettist Richard Stoltzman and his wife Mika within the “Il Settembre dell’Accademia” festival at Teatro Filarmonico in Verona. Richard and Mika came back to Italy in Novembre, 2018 and performed with the Machiavelli Orchestra ensemble.

The Orchestra partecipated to the festival in the next two years where it performed as a symphonic orchestra. In this circumstance it presented the violinist Davide De Ascaniis and this night was the debut of the young orchestra director Leonardo Benini.

The concert was repetead even in Santa Caterina’s Church in Padua.

orchestra Machiavelli - orchestra italiana- under 35 o

Our best concerts


Suburbia Symphony 

Suburbia Symphony is the 2017.2018’s contaminated production by the Machiavelli Orchestra. It is a journeythrough the street music, from Madrid by L. Boccherini until an entire concert for beatbox, violin solo and strings, written by Stefano Soardo for the Machiavelli Orchestra.

In the last part we find the young beatboxer NME (Andrea Cimitan) and the violinist Lokasz Kurowski, who explores suburban sonorities in an original way. 

Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid by L. Boccherini
Quiet City by A. Copland
Adagio per archi by S. Barber
Concerto per beatbox, violino e orchestra by S. Soardo


The Stoltzman meet Orchestra Machiavelli

In the renowend frame of “Settembre dell’Accademia” festival, the Machiavelli Orchestra performs with two world famous soloists under the direction of Sergio Baietta. Richard Stoltzman, winner of two Grammy Awards and one of the best clarinet players in the world, shares with the Machiavelli Orchestra a deep interest in different music genres and in contamination between different styles. With his wife Mika Stoltzman, a marimba master, he brings around the world his charme and his original music vision, creating a dialogue especially between jazz and classical music.

G. Gershwin, Lullaby for strings
A. Copland, Appalachian Spring (13 instruments version)
C. Corea, Concerto n.1 part 3 for marimba and orchestra
A. Copland, Clarinet and orchestra concert

Orchestra Machiavelli e Richard Stoltzman a Il Settembre dell'Accademia 2017
Jesse Davis con Orchestra Machiavelli a Verona

Venezia-New Orleans aller-retour

There is a mysterious relationship between sea people and music. A strong bond between improvisation and moods gives an istintual and humid music, which doesn’t wipe off from the skin. Two water cities and its music.
And a dialogue between them.

Jesse Davis, international jazz master, perofrms baroquian venetian masterpieces with the Machiavelli Orchestra. This unseen spertimentation is giving the soloist part of the classical baroquian concerts to Davis’ saxophone. Letting music flow and merging different genres, between an ocean and the other, rejecting every possible definition.

Musics by Albinoni, Marcello, Charlie Parker and George Gershwin.

Orchestra of Doom 

In July 2016, the Machiavelli Orchestra meets the rockstar Withfield Crane. A casual meeting between the american singer and one of the solo violinists of the Machiavelli Orchestra, Lukasz Kurowski, is the spark which creates the idea of collaboration between two different music worlds: hard rock and symphonic music.

Everyone is thrilled, and the Orchestra’s director Andrea Battistoni proposes himself to write the arrangements and to coproduce the event.

In just two months from the first meeting the concert takes place in Teatro Ristori in Verona with more than fourty musicians. With Whitfield Crane there are three other important soloists: the guitarist Tim Mc Millan and Lee Richards and the veronese drummer Giuditta Cestari.

There is also Lukasz who, with his violin,  plays the electric guitar solos. Oh the 29th of July the theatre is sold out: this is one of the most important events in the history of Verona.


That’s all folk

The folk duo brings the rhythm on the stage with the Machiavelli Orchestra. An event in the name of American Folk. After the Appalachian Spring by A. Copland, orignal songs are performed. This night has been replicated even outside concert halls.
If you want to dance or to feel the rhythm, this concert is for you.

A. Copland, Appalachian Spring
The Aroostercrats, original songs


La buona novella 

The Machiavelli Orchestra gets into De André’s path with a chamber rewriting and a soloist voice. The Orchestra brings the attention to narrations and voices in a journey with Liù and Puccini’s death. Amongst the librettos De André chose apocryphal gospels, reading them from a personal and contemporary perspective. This masterpiece has been enriched with the arrangements made by S. Soardo, which complements Mimmo De Tullio’s voice in this aethereal journey.