Our values

Musica oltre i confini

The Machiavelli Orchestra is an indipendent project born to create innovative and qualitative music productions and to create new work opportunities for young musicians

To reach this very ambitious goal, a big team work is necessary in which every component moves with armony towards the same purpose. After a lot of experience in music we know for sure our values, which must be shared among musicians and the team.

After many years playing together, we found out the most important values for us and we wrote them. Our musicians and our team must share this values.

Passion and work ethic

Our drive is a deep love for music. Because of this passion we devolved our life studying music which translates in a lot of hard work. We don’t save any energy, we don’t give up and we don’t look at the clock. This is because we are aware that we are creating beauty together.

All our musicians are legally employed and safe in doing his or her job.

Humility and understanding

This is a shared value but we think that within an orchestra this is even more important. Listening is as fundamental as playing: one doesn’t exist without the other. Being modest means that no voice can overwhelm the others but everyone needs to follow the Director with armony.

In the same way, building strong relationships among the team is important to reach comprehension and trust between all of us; we are always creating an Orchestra that is collaborative as the organs in the body. Everyone’s work is interdependent.

Costant growing and long-term vision

The Machiavelli Orchestra’s project was born independently without any funding. It is important to keep our attention on our mid and long-term goals as on every single concert.

For this reason the Machiavelli Orchestra is going to work to create new growing opportunities which will allow the positions and the Orchestra itself to master their level thanks to experience Masters and collaborations.